We innovate and inspire at Sanday’s and we are honest about everything we do. We are certainly not going to pretend to be greener or more socially responsible than we actually are. Sustainability was already a matter of course for us when we started back in 2001, just like it’s now starting to be the case for the general public. You can read all about what this means to us below.


Our ingredients come from farmers, growers and breeders who know exactly what they are doing and all work using responsible and smart methods. We prefer to source our ingredients from the local area. This doesn’t just limit the number of kilometres the ingredients need to travel (food miles), but also allows us to guarantee the products’ freshness. We work with organic ingredients whenever possible: produced with respect for nature, without chemical pesticides or fertilisers.

We are proud of our products and make sure we know everything there is to know. Where the ingredients come from, how they are grown, raised, harvested, produced and supplied. We always try to consider the socio-economic impact as well as the environmental impact when choosing our ingredients.

All products are packaged in a natural way: not packaged with low-oxygen gas, or with an unnaturally long shelf life achieved via some other method. We exclusively use climate-neutral packaging: for example our paper sandwich packaging is even biodegradable. We also don’t use any plastic windows, but purely the biodegradable counterpart polylactic acid (PLA).



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