Handmade products in the most tasteful, exciting combinations and prepared with the most delicious and freshest ingredients every day. In addition to our delicious sandwiches (which we once started off with), we also produce the following under the Sanday’s Bakeries flag: filled rolls, paninis, wraps, toasties, bagels, juices and sushi.

In addition to the fact that our products need to be sublime where taste is concerned, we also see it as being of the utmost importance to prepare them with respect for our environment. Sanday’s Bakeries is not quite as sustainable as its big brother The Green Range just yet, but we are certainly well on our way. Sanday’s Bakeries’ products always satisfy the following conditions:

  • Bread products with as few additives as possible (or rather: clean label)
  • Meats are at least equal to the requirements set by the Animal Protection for meats with one Better Life Hallmark star (cut-price chickens are therefore not welcome)
  • CPE Free range eggs
  • As few as possible questionable colours, fragrances and flavours (E-numbers)
  • Smartly packaged. All products are packaged in a natural way: not packaged with low-oxygen gas, or with an unnaturally long shelf life achieved via some other method. We exclusively use climate-neutral packaging: for example our paper sandwich packaging is even biodegradable. We also don’t use any plastic windows, but purely the biodegradable counterpart polylactic acid (PLA).

We would love to know what you think about Sanday’s Bakeries. Could things be done better, or in a more fun, tastier and/or more exciting way? Then please do let us know and help us to raise Sanday’s Bakeries up to a higher plane!

You will find Sanday’s Bakeries in, for example, the Kiosk shops at some of the smaller Dutch Railway Stations. Plus we can also be found in many company restaurants and coffee corners throughout the Netherlands. Would you like to know exactly where you can find us? Then do get in touch.

Would you like to start selling Sanday’s Bakeries yourself? Then call 020 506 2000 or send an email to, so we can discuss all the possibilities together – naturally without any obligation. (A selection of our range can also be ordered online by professionals from complete supplier for the food service market Bidfood or Distrivers.)


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