We started out as a small family business in the centre of Rotterdam back in March 2001 and have now grown into the Netherlands’ top leading fresh supplier and manufacturer of traditionally produced fresh food to go, and creator of ‘Hot & Sexy’ food brands & concepts. Every year we make millions of ready-made wraps, sandwiches, salads, paninis, sandwiches and more. Perfect for eating whilst out on the road, at home or at work.

Sanday’s was created as a result of Wessel Wessels’ dream, passion and ambition.
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We are often asked whether we would like to develop products for third parties: both private label and white label as under our own brand. We absolutely love getting stuck into these kinds of projects and this is certainly also an area we excel at. We will prove to be an excellent partner with our expertise and extensive experience as a final seller in the retail and hospitality sectors. These projects will often develop into long-term collaborations, especially when we are also given the time and opportunity to continue to develop the products. In addition to product knowledge and innovation, communication is one of our strengths. Making great products is one thing, selling them is something quite different.

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All products are made to order and always with as much respect for our environment as possible. We receive fresh ingredients from our partners every single day. This ensures we don’t have to work with high levels of stock and means we will be left with as little surplus as possible. Sometimes our clients ask us to make frozen products. Our cutting-edge shock freezer allows us to freeze products super-fast: we call it fresh frozen. This process optimally preserves the quality and will offer you more control on costs. We can offer the products either individually packed or in bulk.

We believe good food can be made outstanding by producing it in as pure and natural a way as possible. You can take our word for the fact that you can certainly taste the difference. We are strongly opposed to using questionable fragrances, colours and flavours and are a true advocate of freshness and quality. The Green Range is a classic example of this, which 100% excludes any questionable additions. We want to supply the best products imaginable, all of a high quality which is a matter of course. We have introduced strict food safety and quality checks in order to be able to guarantee this. We are therefore justifiably proud of the fact we can frame our IFS Higher Level Certification.

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