OUR VIP’S | Very Important Producers

We enjoy working with people who know exactly what they’re doing and who can also carry out their tasks in a responsible and smart manner. We have a personal relationship with all our partners, allowing us to quickly react when the need arises. And this is definitely a pleasant way of working.

voedselbank amsterdam

Food Bank Amsterdam | Food aid

Food Bank Amsterdam was established in 2005 and aims to provide direct food aid to people in poverty. There is a significant group of people who, for various reasons, is not or insufficiently reached by the regular forms of assistance. And therefore temporarily depend on the help of one of the distributions points of a food bank.


beemster kaasBeemster | Cheese

Beemster makes cheese in a traditional way and feels responsible for the farmers, cows and nature of the municipality Beemster Polder. They work on naturally ripened, tasty products with a fair price for the farmers.




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