Preparing and developing handmade products every day which make maximum use of what nature has to offer: pure and honest ingredients. In addition to the well-known sandwiches, we also produce the following under The Green Range flag: paninis, wraps, toasties, soups, yoghurts and salads.

You can only make beautiful, delicious products with the very best ingredients. But that’s easier said than done: the best ingredients aren’t all that easy to get hold of. This is because everything needs to be as fresh and original as possible, plus it must be produced with respect for the environment. This means we work closely together with our partners to look for the perfect ingredients. So a product won’t leave our kitchen with The Green Range stamp all that easily, it will first need to satisfy the following conditions:tgr-back

All products are packaged in a natural way: not packaged with low-oxygen gas, or with an unnaturally long shelf life achieved via some other method. We exclusively use climate-neutral packaging: for example our paper sandwich packaging is even biodegradable. We also don’t use any plastic windows, but purely the biodegradable counterpart polylactic acid (PLA).

We would love to know what you think about The Green Range. Could things be done better, or in a more fun, tastier and/or more exciting way? Then please do let us know and help to raise The Green Range up to a higher plane!

You will find The Green Range at most of the Kiosk shops at Dutch Railway Stations, Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. Plus we can also be found in many company restaurants and coffee corners throughout the Netherlands. Would you like to know exactly where you can find us? Then do get in touch.

Would you like to start selling The Green Range yourself? Then call 020 506 2000 or send an email to, so we can discuss all the possibilities together – naturally without any obligation. (A selection of our range can also be ordered online by professionals from complete supplier for the food service market Bidfood or Distrivers.)


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